Rethinking learning, training and skills development

Rethinking learning, training, and skills development

Rethinking learning, training and skills development

Our Mission

Technology is fueling innovation at such a rapid pace that we have never witnessed in the past. However, everyone is not getting equal benefit and there are many who are left behind for lack of accessibility or affordability to education and training programs. SISARGO Institute is established with one purpose: Rethink learning, training & skills development to help everyone advance their career and benefit from new technologies.

The Institute is focused on building communities of learning and training in major fields of established and emerging technologies through its learning programs.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – To fuel the innovation and to prepare individuals and companies meet the future challenges
  2. Internet of Things – Understand vast opportunities emerging from connected world
  3. Information Security – To help you understand and manage risk in ever-changing Cybersecurity landscape
  4. Cloud Computing – To take advantage of Cloud Computing promises of speed, agility, and virtually unlimited resources
  5. Block Chain Technologies – Applications of block chain are in every industry. Understand how block chain works and how you can use it to take your business to the next level
  6. Operating Systems and DevOps – How to use power of modern operating system for automation
  7. Robotics and Autonomous Systems – Get to know these areas of technology and their applications

Join our training programs for your individual career development and to bring innovation to your organizations. For more information, sign up for available courses, or to teach a course in area of your expertise, please contact us!

Ohio Cybersecurity Learning Saturday

The Cybersecurity Learning Saturday program is designed for busy Cybersecurity professionals to help them jumpstart their professional development with one day  training sessions.

We Need Volunteer Trainers

If you have expertise in a specific field and can conduct training courses (online or in-person), please contact us. Your volunteer time can change lives and help them people build their careers!

Certification Program

While training is great, many people may like to do self-study and be recognized for their skills. The Institute has initiated a certification program for self-acquired skills in certain areas. To be eligible for a certificate, students have to register for a proctored exam as well as prove their hands-on technological skills by completing tasks in a proctored session. For the exam, the students have to prove their identity using a government issued photo ID, preferably a passport. Successful completion of the requirements of the exam makes a student eligible for getting a certificate. Visit certification pages for more information about dates and availability of on-site proctored exams.


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