Linux Operating System is used for running servers in all businesses and in Cloud computing. Experience in Linux is a must for getting better jobs in IT, software development and other areas of technology.

Course Objectives

This is an 8 week long training program is to prepare students on Linux system administration skills as listed below:

  • Introduction to Linux – Getting started with Linux, Login, commands
  • Files and Directories – Dealing with files and directories, permission, filesystem hierarchy, creating files, file manipulations commands
  • Installing Linux – Installing Linux, Installing virtual machine
  • X-Window System – Understanding X-windows on Linux
  • Linux Shell Scripts – Creating scripts, automation and cron jobs
  • Processes – Understanding Linux processes and commands
  • User Management – Managing users, permissions
  • Network Management – Linux network interfaces, routes
  • Linux Architecture – Linux system architecture, boot process, run levels
  • Managing Disks – Filesystems, disks, mounting
  • Regular Expressions – Using regular expressions, filters, pipes

After getting the certificate, students should have enough skills to pass LPI Linux Certification examination.


This course has following pre-requisites:

  • A desktop or laptop with Virtual Box installed
  • Access to the Internet

Course Benefits

With this course, you will learn Linux and get to the next level in your career.

  • People with Linux knowledge get paid more compared to others.
  • Software developers become more productive and efficient with understanding of Linux. In many cases, the software is installed on Linux in production.
  • You will get hands-on knowledge of installing, using, and administration of Linux

Course Delivery

The course uses an in-person, instructor-led, online delivery method. Each week, there is a 2-hour interactive training session which is typically held on weekends.