Weekend is a time to take a step back learn something new, read a book, or share something interesting with my network. With my work in the field of information security and a passion for making things better, my newest venture is to turn Saturdays into a collaborative learning events where people come to share knowledge, teach, and learn on select topics related to Cybersecurity. I have named this event as “Cybersecurity Learning Saturday”.

The idea of Cybersecurity Learning Saturday can be summarized using the following few points:

  • We are picking 4-6 specific topics for day-long training sessions that will run in parallel
  • Bring expert volunteer trainers with expertise in these areas, who has a passion for sharing their knowledge.
  • Follow a specific standard training template for each session for consistency
  • Open the event for general community to attend where each learner picks up one of the topics, registers for the session, and gets a certificate of attendance at the end for CPE credits

We are holding the first Cybersecurity Learning Saturday in Columbus OH on March 2nd, 2019. We are in the process of finalizing topics for this first Ohio Cybersecurity Learning Saturday which will be announced soon. I hope to see you in this event!

P.S. If you have passion for sharing your expertise and be a trainer for one of these sessions, don’t hesitate to contact me! Even better, we can have Cybersecurity Learning Saturday at a place close to you!