Artificial intelligence is the latest buzz word and is becoming part of every commercial product. While infosec vendors try to showcase how their products are using machine learning to improve threat detection and response capabilities, infosec professionals lack basic understanding of machine learning and its benefits/limitations and sort out fiction from the fact. This is a an introductory seminar for Information Security professionals to understand basics of Machine Learning (ML) and how it applies to their profession.

Seminar Learning Objectives

The seminar will cover the following key concepts:

  • Sorting out definitions of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning
  • How ML is used in information security: classification, anomaly detection, making predictions (regression)
  • What is a model anyway? How models are trained?
  • A basic ML model based upon KNN algorithm
  • How model performance is evaluated?
  • How algorithm biases impact detection capabilities
  • InfoSec applications of Machine Learning
  • Where to start?

Learning Outcome

By attending this seminar, you will be able to build a basic understanding of ML terminology, types of machine learning, models and model training, algorithm biases, application of machine learning in information security, and how to get started.

How to Register

Registration for this event is available for free on this URL.


Rafeeq Rehman is an author, consultant/researcher and creator of “CISO Mind Map” which has been adopted by SANS and others as an executive training tool. He is founder of Cybersecurity Learning Saturday to foster continuous learning of InfoSec professionals. Rafeeq is involved in non-profit work and serves as chair of Ohio LinuxFest Institute (OLFI) and as member of board of directors at Tech Community Coalition. Currently he is working on his latest book “What it Take to Build a Modern Security Operations Center” which will be published in early 2019. He can be reached at his blog or @rafeeq_rehman.