Information security is an attractive career choice with very little unemployment. When moving to a a career in information security, you may take multiple routes. Some of these routes include the following:

  • A college degree in information security
  • A vendor-neutral professional certification from organizations like ISC2, ISACA and others
  • Vendor-specific security certifications
  • Certifications focused on specific specializations including forensics, Cloud and others

The choices could be confusing depending upon where are you in your career path. Sisargo Institute is arranging a free seminar to help you understand different certifications paths and what you should do when you choose a specific one.

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Weekend is a time to take a step back learn something new, read a book, or share something interesting with my network. With my work in the field of information security and a passion for making things better, my newest venture is to turn Saturdays into a collaborative learning events where people come to share knowledge, teach, and learn on select topics related to Cybersecurity. I have named this event as “Cybersecurity Learning Saturday”. Read more