Rethinking learning, training and skills development

Rethinking learning, training, and skills development

Rethinking learning, training and skills development


It is an online learning institute, founded by tech professionals, with an aim to foster project-based learning, reduce cost and time, and focus on lifelong learning methodologies.

Focus Problem Areas

While there are many issues with the current education systems in different countries, following are three main areas that SISARGO Institute aims to address:

  1. Hundreds year old factory-style system that treats every student the same and incentivizes to go at the pace of lowest common denominator.
  2. Extremely high cost education (including long time and cost of opportunity) coupled with loans, turning university graduates into bonded labor for years after graduation
  3. Rigid curriculum, due to the extremely fast pace of technology, becomes obsolete by the time students graduate.

How to solve these problems?

The Institute is using a “learning-by-doing” and a project-based approach to solve problems listed above.

  1. Overcome “factory-style” learning by enabling you to learn as much as you can, as fast as you can, and as deep or broad as you can.
  2. Drastically reduce cost and time: Enable you to be productive using the well-established concept of “minimal viable product”, join the workforce or become entrepreneurs, and then continue their lifelong learning journey.
  3. With new knowledge created at a fast pace, focus on learn to learn” instead of following any rigid curriculum.

The project-based learning approach works extremely well in our programs to achieve the goals mentioned above.

Our Mission

Technology is fueling innovation at such a rapid pace that we have never witnessed in the past. However, everyone is not getting equal benefit and there are many who are left behind for lack of accessibility or affordability to education and training programs. SISARGO Institute has one purpose: Rethink learning & skills development to help everyone advance their career and overcome barriers of costly/factory-styled education system.