A white paper is a detailed, authoritative, and informative report that presents a solution to a problem or introduces a new idea, technology, or product. It is typically published by a company to:

  1. Present a solution: Offer a comprehensive explanation of a solution to a specific problem or challenge.
  2. Introduce a new technology: Describe a new technology, its features, and its applications.
  3. Propose a new idea: Present a new concept, theory, or approach to address a particular issue.
  4. Establish thought leadership: Demonstrate expertise and knowledge in a specific field or industry.
  5. Build credibility: Showcase a company’s or individual’s expertise and credibility in a particular area.
  6. Generate interest: Create awareness and generate interest in a new product, service, or technology.
  7. Provide a reference: Serve as a reference guide for readers who want to understand a complex topic or technology.

Overall, publishing a white paper is an effective way to share knowledge, establish authority, and promote new ideas or solutions.

SISARGO White Paper Publication Service

SISARGO Institute helps organizations publish effective white papers providing research on specific topics, content development, graphic designing and final publication of the white paper that meets an organization’s standards. 

Our Areas of Expertise

SISARGO Institute has expertise of publishing white papers in the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Computing

We have chosen a limited set of focus areas to ensure quality work that provides excellence in creating your brand.


It takes 4-6 weeks from start to end when the final document is ready for publishing.

Our Process

Following is an outline of the process.

  • Week 1

    Purpose/outcome definition

    We send you a brief questionnaire and hold kick-oof meeting to fully understand your objective for the publication.

  • Week 2-3

    Develop outline and get approval

    We spend about two weeks in doing our research, develop an outline of the publication, and get your approval.

    Week 2-3

  • Week 3-5

    Develop content and diagrams

    We go through multiple iterations of developing content and visual artifacts and review the progress with you.

  • Week 6

    Final design and delivery

    We use your organizational branding style, fonts, and colors for final design and delivery.

    Week 6

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