A Crash Course on Risk Management

This is 4 hours long training course offered online (2 hour sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday at 6PM EST)

Course Outline

  1. Risk definitions
  2. Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis
  3. Risk Management Lifecycle
  4. Risk identification
  5. Risk analysis and assessment
    1. Estimating likelihood
    2. Estimating control strength
  6. Risk treatment methods
  7. Risk monitoring
  8. Risk Management frameworks
  9. Quantitative risk assessment methods
  10. Risk management practice pitfalls and how to avoid them
  11. RskRgstr – A solution for managing Cybersecurity risk lifecycle

Learning Outcome

After attending this course, participants will be able to understand risk, risk management lifecycle, and put this knowledge to practice.

Instructor and Course Material

This course is delivered by Rafeeq Rehman, a well-known industry veteran and creator or CISO MindMap 

Who should join

Cybersecurity professionals who are, or aspiring to be in risk management field.

Register for the course

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