Cybersecurity Learning Saturday Program

The Learning Saturday program is designed for busy Cybersecurity professionals to help them jumpstart their career development with one day training sessions.

Information Security Core Skills Certification

Cybersecurity Learning Saturday designed a program “Information Security Core Skills Certification”. The Information Security Core Skills Certification is a hands-on, experiential learning program designed to demonstrate understanding of core skills required to be successful in any career path. Candidates are required to showcase both understanding and practical skills across all sections of the comprehensive curriculum. This document provides an outline of all domains covered in this curriculum.

Within the dynamic landscape of information security, a multitude of well-established career paths exists, continually evolving to accommodate emerging opportunities. While specific skills are integral to each of these paths, certain foundational competencies are universally essential. The following skills form the bedrock of success in information security, and individuals aspiring for proficiency in this field should prioritize building a robust foundation in each.

  1. Information security career paths
  2. Foundational information security principles 
    • Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA), fundamental security architecture, least privileges, need to know, access controls, and others
  3. Operating Systems and Cloud
    • Linux/Unix, Windows, Basics of Cloud Platforms and Mobile operating systems
    • Executing basic commands, permissions, processes, user management
    • Fundamental hardening methods for operating systems
  4. Networking and application protocols
    • Very good knowledge of common Internet and application protocols
    • Working knowledge of TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, SMTP, SSH, and other commonly used protocols
    • Knowledge and practice for routers, switches and routing protocols
    • Network packet capture tools, nmap, curl, and other tools to be able to analyze network data
  5. Application Security with focus on web applications development and application security
  6. Identity and Access Management – SSO, SAML, MFA, Privileged access, Identity governance
  7. Scripting and Programming – Shell scripting, Basics of Python programming
  8. Encryption technologies PKI concepts, TLS, data security
  9. Cybersecurity operations – asset and vulnerability management, threat detection and incident response/recovery
  10. Risk Management and Security Program Development
  11. Written and verbal communication
  12. Business Acumen for Information security professionals

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