Sisargo Institute has introduced a completely new concept of publications to cater needs for busy professionals. This includes publications of short books and research papers.


  • Books published by Sisargo Institute are between 50 to 100 pages size with a target to provide concise and to-the-point information to busy professionals and executives.
  • These publications are concise and can be purchased either in print form or downloaded freely as PDF documents.
  • Downloadable PDF publications from Sisargo Institute are based upon the principle of sponsorship and meant to be free of cost to all readers.

Current Focus Areas

Following are current focus areas for Sisargo Institute publications.

  1. Information Security, Information Risk Management, Security Operations Center, Security testing, and other related areas.
  2. Machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence, deep learning, open source ML libraries, and applications of ML.
  3. Linux and Open Source

Short Research Papers

Research papers are 10-20 pages long and cover a specific topic in information security, machine learning, and other areas of focus. The goal of a research paper is to bring a person quickly up to speed on the topic and includes:

  • Introduction to the topic
  • Relevance to different industries
  • What actions to take
  • Products, Services and Vendors

Short research papers in progress or already published include the following:

  • Cloud Security and CASB solutions
  • SIEM vendors
  • Cloud based SOC
  • Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP)
  • MSSP evaluations and RFP guideline
  • IOT security
  • Using machine learning in InfoSec

Interested? Please send your proposal using this link.