Certificate of Core Cybersecurity Business Practices (C3BP)

With assistance/feedback from many CISOs, we built a MindMap of essential business practices/skills (shown at the bottom). As a next step, we have turned a subset of this MindMap into a training course for security professionals. Will you be interested in sending some members of your team to this training? If yes, please use this Google Form to indicate your interest.

Following is detailed information about the training program and proposed contents.

Problem Statement

  • A vast majority of Cybersecurity professionals lack business acumen, customer experience, and communication skills.
  • Lack of basic business practices and skills becomes a handicap in becoming an effective Cybersecurity professional and enable business.
  • Many security certifications are available but none addresses core Cybersecurity skills and practices necessary

What will this training achieve?

  • Elevate your team’s brand by putting a focus on “creating value”.
  • Help save significant money by “solving the right problem”.
  • Build strong relationships with other teams through “improved communication skills”.

Putting Knowledge into Practice – Participants will be required to put the skills/knowledge into practice by completing an internal project and writing a paper.

This is how the program work:

Course Duration

  • Six (6) weeks with two one-hour sessions per week

Course Delivery

  • Online sessions (3-4 PM PST)

Start Date

  • The course will start in May, 2023

Course Registration – URL for course registration https://forms.gle/utgAb6QFNFZ5qTWY8

Course Contents

Following are high level course contents with detail shown in MindMap:

  • DOMAIN 1 – Essential Business Terminology for InfoSec Professionals
  • DOMAIN 2 – Business Communication for InfoSec Professionals
  • DOMAIN 3 – Funding Requests and Managing InfoSec Budget
  • DOMAIN 4 – Working with Vendors and Partners
  • DOMAIN 5 – Building Alliances, Collaboration to Advance InfoSec Goals
  • DOMAIN 6 – Excellence in InfoSec Customer Service, Knowing and Serving Customers
  • DOMAIN 7 – Creating Business Value with InfoSec
  • DOMAIN 8 – General Soft Skills to Succeed as InfoSec Professional

Following is the MindMap covering the course contents