On-site training includes either one-day or a two-day long training sessions. These training sessions are a combination of lectures and hands-on workshops or activities. The training sessions are customized based upon client needs and specific audience.

The preparation of these training sessions includes the following activities:

  • Defining scope of the training session (in collaboration with the customer)
  • Preparing course outline and get customer approval
  • Building course material, slides, and workshop material
  • Deciding schedule, dates, location, and making travel arrangements
  • Audio visual requirements

During the training, the instructor is responsible for delivering the training, testing the knowledge. All participants get certificates of participation at the end of the training, provided they are present throughout the training session.

After the training, the institute will conduct a survey to get feedback from the training participants to help improve the overall program.

Training Areas

Following are focus areas for training sessions:

  1. SOC analyst training
  2. Essential Machine Learning for security professionals
  3. Developing SOC business case
  4. Automation with shell scripting and Python
  5. Vulnerability management program
  6. Incident response program

Please contract us for your training needs.