A Crash Course on AWS Security

AWS is a major Cloud player with large market share. Most businesses and government organizations are AWS customers. This course is designed to get you started with AWS security and get used to different security features of the Cloud environment.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to AWS main services
  • Shared model of AWS Security between customer and AWS
  • AWS Network Security
    • Private Virtual Cloud (PVC) and network segmentation
    • VPN
    • Security access to AWS web console
  • AWS Firewall
  • Virtual Private Gatewas
  • AWS API access
  • Introduction to AWS IAM systems
    • Role based access controls
    • Multi-factor authentication
  • AWS instance management
  • Encryption options for data at rest, key management
  • AWS Monitoring and Logging with CloudWatch and CloudTrail
  • Security of S3 storage
  • Alerts and notifications
  • AWS Security Partner Solutions


You should create an AWS account (https://aws.amazon.com/) before joining this course. AWS offers free accounts for personal use.


Registration for this course will be announced as it becomes available. Stay connected on LinkedIn Page.

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