C|EH Certification Bootcamp

Join next Cybersecurity Learning Saturday and obtain necessary skills and knowledge to get you started on your path for the C|EH certification. Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) certification is one of the key security certificate. It requires demonstration of your knowledge and skills for assessing weaknesses/vulnerabilities in computer and software systems in a legitimate manner. Many information security jobs require this certification and this could be your gateway into the information security field and improve your current pay.

This one day training is to enable you get necessary understanding of the scope of the C|EH certification, resources for preparation, and getting you started in all of the necessary areas and skills.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to get you started on knowledge and skills to obtain C|EH certification so that you can pass the exam with additional self-study. The training will cover the following areas:

  1. High level skills required for C|EH certification
  2. Reconnaissance and information gathering skills
  3. Network sniffing and packet capture
  4. Vulnerability scanning
  5. Wireless security
  6. Security of Cloud based applications and systems
  7. Social engineering
  8. Understanding basics of encryption
  9. Understanding of tools needed for vulnerability assessment
  10. Exploiting vulnerabilities and pen testing
  11. General tools and techniques

By the end of this course, you will not be expert or ready to take the C|EH exam but will have enough knowledge and information to augment it with self study and practice to eventually pass the exam.

More information about C|EH certification can also be found at the EC-Council web site.


Registration for this course will be announced as it becomes available. Stay connected on LinkedIn Page.