Protecting confidentiality and integrity of data as well as availability of key technology systems is crucial for running any business in the bold and new hyper-connected universe. An effective Security Operations Center (SOC) is a primary means and plays a key role to achieve these goals. As the newer technologies like machine learning, IoT, Blockchain, autonomous and connected vehicles, automation and others are becoming crucial for business success, concept of a modern SOCis also going through an evolution process to manage risk with traditional and emerging technologies.

Course Objectives

  • Building business case for SOC
  • SOC planning and defining scope
  • Log sources
  • SOC technology stack
  • Incorporating threat intelligence
  • SOC processes
  • Governance models
  • Performance and metrics
  • Continuous improvement


Basic understanding of informations security or network operations

Course Benefits

  • Understand what it takes to build a SOC
  • Learn how to operate a SOC efficiently
  • Avoid common pitfalls

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