Linux Operating System is used for running servers in all businesses and in Cloud computing. Experience in Linux is a must for getting better jobs in IT, software development and other areas of technology. This course is to enable you learn and understand Linux and get ready to earn certification from the Linux Professional Institute (LPI).

Course Objectives

This is an 8 week long training program is to prepare students on Linux system administration skills as listed below:

  • Introduction to Linux – Getting started with Linux, Login, commands
  • Files and Directories – Dealing with files and directories, permission, filesystem hierarchy, creating files, file manipulations commands
  • Installing Linux – Installing Linux, Installing virtual machine
  • X-Window System – Understanding X-windows on Linux
  • Linux Shell Scripts – Creating scripts, automation and cron jobs
  • Processes – Understanding Linux processes and commands
  • User Management – Managing users, permissions
  • Network Management – Linux network interfaces, routes
  • Linux Architecture – Linux system architecture, boot process, run levels
  • Managing Disks – Filesystems, disks, mounting
  • Regular Expressions – Using regular expressions, filters, pipes

After getting the certificate, students should have enough skills to pass LPI Linux Certification examination.


This course has following pre-requisites:

  • A desktop or laptop with Virtual Box installed
  • An desire to learn the most amazing Operating System!

Course Benefits

With this course, you will learn Linux and get to the next level in your career.

  • People with Linux knowledge get paid more compared to others.
  • Software developers become more productive and efficient with understanding of Linux. In many cases, the software is installed on Linux in production.
  • You will get hands-on knowledge of installing, using, and administration of Linux
  • Get knowledge to earn LPI certification

Course Delivery

The course uses an in-person, instructor-led, and online delivery method. Starting with first Saturday of every month, the program consists of a 2-hour interactive training session every Saturday morning for 4 weeks.

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