The “Business Ready Program” certificate, is a project-oriented training for final/senior-year students and early in career professionals to enable them learn how business works and help them acquire foundational business skills to lay the foundation of a successful career as Entrepreneurs or Business Leaders

We want to inspire next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders who will create jobs, build local economies and create a more equitable society.

Learning Objectives and Program Outcome

The objective of the program is to use an project-based approach and problem-based learning to help students understand problems, collaborate in teams to find solutions, build business acumen, and ultimately be successful in professional careers. The skills they will learn are as follows (in no particular order):

  1. Teamwork, collaboration, equity, diversity and inclusion
  2. Design thinking, system thinking and problem solving
  3. Dependability, business relationships, work ethics, conflict of interests
  4. Taking ownership and being champion of an initiative
  5. Understanding basics of marketing, market research methods, sales
  6. Basics of project management
  7. Building a personal brand, influence without authority
  8. Legal and business structures
  9. Basic financial concepts, terminology, financial reports
  10. Building business case
  11. Value chain and value proposition, what value addition means for engineering projects?
  12. Presentation and communications skills

 Benefits for the Participants

  1. Achieve a Certificate of participation in the program, build resume
  2. Exposure to real-world problems and build people network
  3. Gain soft skills for launching a successful career
  4. Connect with employers and/or investors

Register for the upcoming session

The next BRP cohort is starting on August 7, 2021. The program is as follows:

  1. August 7-8, 2021: Two days of intensive course (online)
  2. August 9-27, 2021: All participants work with their groups to select a problem/project, create a viable solution, build a business case, elevator pitch, financial & marketing plans, and a presentation pitch.
  3. August 28, 2021: Final group presentation of the project.

If you want to participate in the program, you should

  1. Record a video of your introduction and how this program will benefit you
  2. Get a recommendation video from your University/teacher
  3. Register using this page

After we receive your application, you will be informed if you are inducted into the August 2021 cohort. The space is limited and your videos mentioned above will play a key role in selection criteria.

BRP Sponsors, Partners and Supporters

Following organizations and groups are supporting and sponsoring this program. We are looking for more partner organizations.


How can you help as partner, sponsor, or supporter?

The objective of this program is to foster entrepreneurship and corporate leadership. It is run by unpaid volunteers. You can help this program in many ways:

  • Sponsor expenses of running this program that include marketing and management expenses.
  • If you are a business, interview graduates of this program for job openings. We strongly believe that participants of the program understand the business and will be much more productive than any other candidate.
  • Be a mentor or advisor and work with the participants to help in their projects.

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