Business Ready Program is completely free for participants at this point. However, to run the program effectively, we need sponsorship from community (businesses, academia, professional volunteers) as summarized below.

Why Should you Sponsor BRP?

We believe everyone benefits from sponsorship of BRP in many different ways. The program is being expanded to more universities and will result in young professionals who are better prepared to enter job market, be more productive, become leaders and entrepreneurs, creating more jobs and opportunities for others. We are also working on train-the-trainer programs to make the program scalable. In addition financial sponsors get additional benefit for their organizations as explained below.

Academia Support

If you are part of an academic institution, we need your support to:

  1. Introduce this program to your students
  2. Provide your recommendation letters to students
  3. Nominate students for this program

Professional Support

We are always looks for support from professionals to:

  1. Be mentors to BRP participants
  2. Join the program as guest speakers
  3. Be advisors to the development and betterment of the program
  4. Spread the word about this program